Commercial Quality UL Approved T8 LED Fluorescent Tube Lights

High Quality LED T8/T10/T12 Retrofit Fluorescent Tube Lights for your Office, Warehouse or anywhere you have a fluorescent fixture.  Our LED Tube Lights are compatable with 90V-277vAC and multi-phased power systems and have received UL APPROVAL!
Creative Lighting now offers T8 fluorescent replacements and SMD Chip style LED T8 Tube Lights - Commercial Quality / 3 year Warranty!

LED Retrofit T8 Tube Lights are an environmentally friendly lighting option.  No Mercury, No Phosphors, No Glass!

Organizations are starting to realize disposal costs for their fluorescent lights.  LED Lights can be recycled as "general electronics" and contain NO Hazardous Substances"

We see huge savings in your electric costs when complete office areas, warehouses or manufacturing plants are converted from traditional lighting to SSL Lighting or LED Lighting Solutions!

We only offer Commercial quality products.  UL Listed retrofit lamps save over 50% in energy.  Easy, quick retrofit into your existing fixtures in minutes.  No more lamp or ballast changes.  3 year warranty.

We stock 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 Foot LED Replacements - Cool White, Day/Pure White, Natural White and Warm Whites.

*NEW* - 12VDC LED Tube Lights!  Great for off-grid/Solar applications, Low power consumption.

Click HERE for our 4ft UL approved Tube Light Cut Sheet.

Click HERE for our ROI payback calculator

Features & Benefits:

High Brightness

Our LED T8 Fluorescent Light Tube consists of high quality SMD LEDs and can emit a higher brightness at much lower cost.  Energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs are some of the biggest benefits. 

Easy Installation
Our LED T8 Fluorescent Light can be easily installed like a conventional T8 fluorescent light into the existing bi pin sockets.  Modification to the existing fixture consists of bypassing or removing the ballast and starter - a "one-time" modification.

Extended Life

With very little heat output, proper drive characteristics and high quality LEDs, our LED T8 Fluorescent Light Tube has a lifetime of up to 80,000 hours.  Patented driver board and heat sink designs.  Applications where the fixture is not easily accessible, or limited power applications like Solar or Generator powered sites are great applications for LED Lighting. 

The LED T8 Tube is manufactured under ROHS, contains no MERCURY, Emits almost NO RF interference!!  No disposal fees and reduced energy consumption are just a few of the immediate benefits!

Humidity/Moisture Resistant
With IP54 degree protection, our LED T8 Fluorescent Light Tubes can operate normally even in a moist or damp indoor environments and excessive humidity. 

Extreme Temperatures
Our LED T8 Tube operates in harsh environments.  Extreme heat or especially cold environments are ideal for LED lighting.  Instant on means no warm up times in cold harsh environments.  Walk in coolers or freezer environments are great retrofit opportunities, especially where occupancy sensors are becoming a requirement.

Energy Saving!
LED T8 retrofit tube lights save money every month.  They consume on average, 50% less electricity than it's typical four foot fluorescent counterpart.
Our LED T8 Fluorescent Light consumes power from 8W to 18W. This saves much more energy than conventional fluorescent T8 light tubes.


It has been brought to our attention (more than once) that some vendors are offering a 5 year warranty.  We know for a FACT that NO LED FACTORY is offering more than a 3 year warranty - and those that offer a 3 year warranty are limiting the warranty to only burning 12 hours a day.  If a vendor is offering a 5 year warranty - they are assuming the last two years of warranty upon themselves with NO FACTORY BACKING!  Are you confident that the 'other' vendor will be around in years four and five to honor their 'warranty'??  Get it in WRITING!

The LED T8 Tube Fluorescent Light is completely enclosed. The LEDs are surrounded by a Clear acrylic housing and emit light like a conventional T-series fluorescent light. Our LED T8 is typically used for lighting for direct fluorescent replacements.  Offices, Overhead Fixtures, Garages, Basements, Task Lighting, Store Displays, General Warehouse Lighting, RVs, Buses,  and Under Cabinets, storage facilities, generator powered remote sites, cold storage, etc. It can be used anywhere you have a T8, T10 or T12 series fixture!  

Available in four different color temperature renderings:

    Warm White:      3500 Kelvin; est. 1450 lumens  (17W Unit)
    Natural White:    4100 Kelvin; est. 1500 lumens  (17W Unit)
    Daylight White:   5800 Kelvin; est. 1550 lumens  (17W Unit)
    Cool White:         7000 Kelvin; est. 1600 lumens  (17W Unit)

  • No Hum or Buzz
  • Instant Start; No Flickering
  • ROI - 18 to 24 months (even quicker with increasing Electric rates!)
  • Patented Power Rectifier - Will not inject RF interference onto the power line.  Excellent for X-10 or other power line Home Automation installations!
  • Patented Aluminum backing plate in extruded aluminum, Aluminum PC Board
  • Patented Lens - Diffuses the LED light just like a traditional Fluorescent tube.
  • 3 Year WRITTEN Warranty - Do your Diligence - Get it in Writing
  • UL and ETL Approval on our 17W, 4ft Tube Light
Aluminum heat sink, 300 LED's (4' product), available in Warm White, Natural White, Day White or Cool White. No UV or RF interference. Patented heat sinks and optical diffusers, longer life than incandescent & florescent. No mercury, no ballast required, wide voltage and constant current design, solid state, high shock & vibration resistant, Mercury free, 50%+ savings in energy consumption, quite, no noise, no flickering, ROHS compliant, no disposal fees.  The products are in accordance with CE, UL and FCC testing standards, For direct replacement of fluorescent fixtures with bypassing the ballast.

We have seen many LED Tube lights being imported into the USA market.  Be aware of the old adage that "You get what you pay for".  The qualities of product varies considerably.  Creative Lighting Solutions only offers top quality LED Tube Lights backed by a written 3 year full warranty rated for 24/7 operations.

We offer an LED T8 Tube Light from two specific manufacturers.  We have been working with these manufacturers for many years and have seen nothing but top quality in workmanship, materials and design.  Call or visit us today for a quote for your retrofit!  http://www.CreativeLightings.com


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